Spring Break 2011 I went to Jamaica with ECSU to learn about the country’s educational system and to make connections with many of their school’s for future trips and further development.  We all had an amazing time and I know I can personally say that it was a trip that I will never forget.  Everyone on the trip became very good friends and our experiences were life-changing.  I loved meeting the Jamaican people and seeing the kids in the schools was great.  One thing I noticed was that everyone seemed genuinely happy.  I don’t remember seeing anyone sad, or even seeing a child crying.  Although people in America have more opportunities and more material items than many of the people I saw, I noticed that Americans are generally much unhappier and unsatisfied with their quality of life compared with the Jamacans.

"All of Us"

This is a picture of all the students who went to Jamaica.  It was great to meet everyone and I miss everyone a lot.  We all stayed at Toby’s Resort which was right on the beach and had a very nice pool.  The food was great too.   This is a view from a balcony at the resort.  The palm trees were beautiful.

On Monday we went to an elementary school.  This was my favorite day because the kids were all so happy and excited to see us.  They were not scolded for jumping on us and hugging us as they would have been in America.  All of the children were beautiful and it was clear they had a lot of love in their hearts.


This is an average classroom that we saw.  There were many students per classroom and the atmosphere was usually very loud and chaotic.  One thing that I noticed was how polite and well-behaved the children were for the most part.  In American classrooms, if there were that many students in one class with only one teacher, they would be uncontrollable.  The kids in Jamaica are definitely more disciplined than children in America, and they are also much less spoiled.

This a picture of Whitley, me, Katie, and Rosa with a couple of the children that we met at the elementary school.  The little girls especially loved to hold our hands and follow us through our tour.  We felt very welcomed and immediately fell in love with the children we met.

This is a picture of the kids in the infant school at the elementary school.  In America it would be called preschool.  I was beyond amazed by the behavior of these children as young as 2 and 3.  I have worked in a daycare in America and I’ve supervised about a maximum of 5 children and I can barely keep them under control by myself.  There were about 30-35 children in this classroom and they were all completely silent, sitting in their chairs, eating lunch.  This would be unheard of in America.  They did what they were told, they stood when they spoke, they were like tiny adults.  Children this age in America are not expected to act that way.  Being loud and not doing what you’re told is part of childhood in America.  I think in this aspect, Jamaica is advanced and I was honestly astonished by these children.

The kids in the elementary school and infant school loved to touch and play with our hair as well.  I found this very funny.


On Wednesday we went to Negril and enjoyed a day at the beach.  Many of us went parasailing and jetskiing.  The beach was beautiful and the water was amazing.  We all had a great time.  There were many bands that came along the beach and played for us as well.  None of us will forget our week in Jamaica.


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